In the spring of 2015 Paul Sating, Creator of Atheist Apocalypse, reached out to a talented bunch of podcasters and YouTube personalities to see if they would be interested in joining him in a completely new type of adventure.  

Thankfully, very few of them rejected him outright and "Atheist Apocalypse Podcast" was born.

The Crew of Talented Loons Is:

Paul Sating - Creator, Executive Director, Writer, Editor ("Old" Jake Lemmingstein)

Brian Bristol - Executive Producer, Writer, Editor, and Voice Actor (Max, Andy, Artie, and many, many more)

Dan Cocolla - Editor, Writer and Voice Actor ("New" Jake Lemmingski)

Steven Bateman - Writer, Editor and Voice Actor (Edwin Bondshift)

Heather Auden - Voice Actor (Beatrice Johnson)

Jay Crofutt - Writer and Voice Actor (Rick Beckley)

Jeff Venoutsos - Writer, Editor, Voice Actor (Tyler)

Steve Hayes - Voice Actor (Dr. Derrick/Prophet)

Dave Curry - Voice Actor (Willie)

Andrew Dresden - Voice Actor (Shhh, it's a secret right now)

Donna Shell - Voice Actor (Venice)

Sharon Bush - Voice Actor (Angelique Krass)

Aaron GP - Voice Actor (Spencer)

Maddie Sating - Guest Voice Actor (Sexy Stacy, Nellie Negapositv)

Music & Sounds Created and Produced By These Talented Gents:

Simon Croft - Music & Sounds

Kenichichi Ohme - Music & Sounds

Atheist Apocalypse Podcast is a fictional comedy audio-drama is set in a post-apocalyptic world.

Don't let the title fool you; this podcast is geared towards anyone with a sense of humor and we welcome all to join us on this journey through the Tri-Counties.

What Is An Atheist Apocalypse?

Who Are We?

The Podcast For Those Left Behind

Atheist Apocalypse Podcast